Skylight Calendar Review 2023

Many families face the organizational challenge of staying on top of this madness called daily life.

To provide a source of solace and stress reduction, I’ve provided an overview of the best digital wall calendars for easier time management and collaboration at home.

🏆 Number 1 on the list is the Skylight Calendar.

To provide you with a more in-depth look at my top choice, here’s a detailed review.

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What is Skylight Calendar?

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The company Skylight offers two main physical products:

In this review, we are focusing on the Skylight Calendar. Skylight introduced its digital calendar in 2020.

The Skylight Calendar is an all-in-one calendar display for families and households that is uniquely designed to help busy families manage their schedules better and make life easier through better organization. It works through a WiFi connection.

It is basically a dynamic calendar with an always visible and easily accessible schedule.

It syncs with popular online calendars such as Google Calendar, Cozi, Yahoo, and Apple Calendar, making it super easy to manage ever-changing schedules in a household. And much more.

Features of the Skylight Calendar

It is awesome that the main Skylight Calendar Features can be used without a subscription. Only for two additional features, the Magic Import and Photo and Video Screensaver, do you need their Calendar Plus plan.

  • Chore Chart
    You can promote healthy habits and encourage collaboration with the interactive Chore Chart. By tracking progress and responsibilities, the Chore Chart makes the whole family accountable.
  • Custom Lists
    You and your family can create, access, and manage lists directly on the device or through the free mobile app, making household organization a collaborative project. Lists can be a grocery list, to-dos, or anything that needs attention.
  • Weather
    You can get weather updates for the exact time and location of your events, helping you plan your day accordingly.
  • Access Sharing
    This feature fosters better coordination and communication among family members, and particularly between two partners. You can invite your spouse – and even kids if you want – to access and manage the Skylight Calendar together with you.
  • Skylight App
    You can manage and access everything on your Skylight from anywhere with the mobile app.
  • Customized Views
    You can choose how you view your calendar: a schedule view by the day, a few days, the week, or the month, ensuring your calendar is just the way you want it.
  • Color Coding
    You can assign a unique color to each family member, making it simpler for the whole family to see who needs to be doing what, where, and when.
  • Meal Planning
    You can display your family’s meal plan if you wish, eliminating the daily “what’s for dinner?” question and keeping everyone informed about meal schedules.
  • Sleep Mode
    You can configure when your Skylight screen goes to sleep at night and when it should wake up each morning. You can make it match your daily routine.
  • Online Calendar Integration
    You can update the Skylight Calendar easily with its auto-sync feature through your favorite calendar apps like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple, Cozi, and Yahoo.
  • Photo and Video Screensaver (only with Calendar Plus)
    Skylight Calendar lets you share and display photos, turning them into a digital photo frame. In your calendar, this feature can serve as the occasional photo screensaver to relive your favorite memories as you go about your day.
  • Magic Import (only with Calendar Plus)
    Skylight introduces an innovative way to add events to your calendar. With Magic Import, you can effortlessly read events from PDFs, emails, spreadsheets, or emails. Simply send the document to your Skylight Calendar and watch the magic happen.

Design and Dimensions of the Skylight Calendar

skylight calendar in two different sizes

The Skylight Calendar HD touchscreen comes in two sizes: a 10-inch or 15-inch. Both have the same storage space of 8GB. You can hang it on a wall or use the provided plastic stand to place it on a shelf or table. The design is clean and timeless and resembles a sleek tablet or photo frame.

You can see that Skylight has put considerable effort into designing a user-friendly product and software that even young children can easily use.

Also, it runs reliably via connection to an electrical outlet and not through battery power. If you hang the display on the wall, you will see the connecting wire which you may want to hide.

Skylight Calendar Pricing

The 10-inch calendar is available for $159, while the 15-inch calendar sells for $299.99.

However, you can save $10 when you sign up for the Plus Plan, bringing the cost to $289, which includes one month free of the Plus plan, then shifting to a yearly fee of $39, amounting to just 11 cents a day.

Skylight provides customers with a money-back guarantee, making a purchase and trial a no-brainer.

Top pick

Skylight Calendar

Perfect for families, couples, and individuals seeking a 24/7 visible calendar with effortless setup and online calendar sync. You can hang it or place it on a shelf for everyone to see.

Skylight Calender Alternatives

Honestly, I’ve been on the hunt for a digital family calendar for our busy family for about a year now, and every time I circle back to Skylight Calendar.

Alternative 1: Other Digital Wall Calendars

There are a few alternatives out there, but I haven’t stumbled upon a solution that specializes only in a household management calendar at Skylight’s relatively low price point.

For those who appreciate premium design and a little different set of features, options like the Hearth Display or handcrafted calendars, such as Matteroffractions on Etsy, can be appealing. They come at higher prices and offer a beautiful look for your interior, so if you’re ready to invest a bit more for that extra touch of design, they’re definitely worth checking out.

Top pick
hearth display

Hearth Display

Coming in 2024, Hearth Display strikes a perfect balance between elegant design and spot-on and helpful functionality, making it a great all-in-one family organization hub.

Alternative 2: Smart Display

Skylight Calendar excels as a family organization tool, while smart displays like Amazon’s Echo Show are super feature-rich and produced to serve many other needs as well. If you’re looking for a calendar that integrates with your smart home ecosystem and offers versatile functionality, including i.e. entertainment and home security features, smart displays are an excellent choice.

Top pick

Echo Show 15

The Echo Show 15 caters to smart home enthusiasts, offering a versatile smart display with a multitude of features, including calendar functionality. “Alexa, remind me to buy milk”

Alternative 3: Smart Home Hub

If you’re really into smart homes, those smart hubs in the form of displays are definitely worth checking out. An example would be Amazon’s Echo Hub or Google’s Nest Hub Max. They come with entertainment features and more, just like regular smart displays. But the cool thing about a hub is that it acts as the heart of your smart home, meaning it lets you control a bunch of smart gadgets from one place – the screen. So, you don’t have to juggle between different apps or devices – it’s all in one place – also your family calendar.

Tip: While compatibility between different smart home brands is improving, it’s advisable to stick with one brand for a seamless user experience, so if you have Amazon smart home devices, an Amazon hub is a great option. Same if you have Google Nest products, you might want to stay with other Google Nest offerings.

Alternative 4: Digital Calendar App

When it comes to calendar apps, like the Dakboard app, these are essentially calendar software created for efficient family organization, but they don’t come with dedicated physical hardware, so no frame, no display… What’s great about them, though, is their flexibility. If you happen to have a tablet or a smart TV at home, you can simply install and run these apps on those devices, creating an ever-present family calendar for your household. It’s the most cost-effective way to set up a digital family calendar that’s always visible.

Top pick

Mango Display

Perfect for eco-friendly folks who want to repurpose a spare display to a household calendar. Easy setup and high degree of customization.

Alternative 5: Paper Calendar

Skylight Calendar definitely excels over physical calendars for family organization with its seamless digital integration, real-time accessibility, easy sharing, and protection against loss or damage, making it a more efficient choice for busy family management. However, if you prefer handwriting your family’s to-dos, paper calendars may be suitable for your needs but these are less suitable for managing dynamic family schedules.

Who Created the Skylight Calendar?

Skylight Calendar is a fantastic product that came to life thanks to the Skylight team’s bright ideas. Skylight is a company on a mission to connect families and make their lives simpler. The story of how Skylight Calendar was born is quite interesting.

The Skylight team first met at Harvard Business School. They quickly realized they all faced the same problem: they lived far from their families. They wanted a way to share photos with their whole family not just on their phones but on a beautiful physical display within their far-away homes. Surprisingly, they couldn’t find a product like this, so they decided to make one themselves. This brought the Skylight Frame, their digital photo frame.

Skylight was created to blend the digital world with the physical world.

Its main goal was to bring families closer. As the Skylight team talked to their customers, they realized they could do that even within the same home.

That’s when they came up with Skylight Calendar, a dynamic scheduling solution to help busy families manage their busy lives and collaborate with each other.

Now, thousands of families happily use Skylight Calendar to collaborate, plan events, and run their lives more smoothly.

Is Skylight Calendar Worth It?

Short answer: Yes.

Long answer: Let’s cut to the chase and explore if the Skylight Calendar offering justifies its pricing. There are three main reasons why I believe that the Skylight calendar is definitely worth its price tag.

  • Skylight Calendar is not just a small-scale operation; it’s a well-established company. The perks of this are e.g. a customer support service and high availability of the product.
  • They have excellent customer reviews and a strong online presence; families and households seem to be very happy and excited about this purchase across different platforms.
  • Skylight Calendar has an extremely attractive price for its value. Skylight Calendar offers this exceptional family organizational solution at a price point that falls within the lower to medium range when compared to its alternatives.

Hope this gives you better insight into this amazing product.


Skylight Calendar is a remarkable solution for busy families seeking order and efficiency in their lives.

It offers super useful features, fosters family organization and collaboration, and simplifies your daily life.

The Skylight Calendar is truly a unique and valuable product, especially considering its accessible price and happy customers in the market.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers who have embraced Skylight Calendar, and step into a future where family organization is effortless and stress-free.

Happy Organizing!

Skylight Calendar

Perfect for families, couples, and individuals seeking a 24/7 visible calendar with effortless setup and online calendar sync. You can hang it or place it on a shelf for everyone to see.


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