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As a corporate ladder climber, sports fanatic, dog mom, wife, antagonist of household tasks, and perpetual multitasker, I’ve made it my mission to find technology, tips, and tricks that help me chill out a bit.

Always on the move, I have this tendency to avoid doing nothing like it’s my enemy. I’m always convinced that if I just finish one more task, inner peace will descend upon me like a divine blessing 🤲. Spoiler alert: it never quite happens that way. But hey, if we are aware enough to chuckle about it, we can tone it down.

Let’s be real. Things like tech gadgets and mindfulness will not cure all your life’s problems, but they do have their moments of brilliance. And until I’ve fully mastered the art of relaxation, you’ll find me on the lookout for brilliant tech and life hacks that make life run a little smoother — and offer you some peace of mind ✨.


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